Mission Statement
ABPc is a revolutionary company that offers business unprecedented access to their customer base through an innovative multimedia approach which utilizes positive imaging in traditional print media as well as web and digital formats. By leveraging our capacity to thoroughly evaluate and effectively market to specific groups of consumers, ABPc is able to provide businesses with the power to turn their advertising expense into profits.
In 1931, Franklin D. Roosevelt
 U.S. President (1882–1945),
 surprisingly confessed:

"If I were starting life over again I would probably give first thought to making advertising my career… because it combines real imagination with a deep study of psychology" (Time).
Advertising By Positive Communication or commonly called ABP Communication Inc. abbreviated ABPc is the corporation empowering businesses to bring money through their doors with advertising that works. ABP Communication Inc. is the umbrella corporation for several subsidiaries that provide invaluable advice and proven strategies that drastically increases advertising response for all of its customers. ABPc subsidiaries convert businesses advertising expense into exponential company growth.
Within ABPc's corporate structure, several subsidiaries work in unison to unite businesses with customers. In the initial launch of ABPc, two subsidiaries found conception under the ABPc Corporation. The two companies are identified as a printing and advertising company, "IMAGE" and "Good News Network" (GNNs) which will be made up of numerous print and digital publications along with an XM radio station and online news and talk broadcasting television station. ABPc subsidiaries pride themselves in being able to fill the needs of any business ranging from the smallest of the small businesses to the corporate giants that dominate the markets. ABPc subsidiaries uphold the old saying, "No Job to Big or to Small!" The corporation boasts the slogan, "Everything Advertising!" and we mean it. These two subsidiaries will lay the groundwork for continual expansion into other advertising markets. With that foresight in mind, ABPc structured itself in such a manner that it can launch additional subsidiaries, as needed, to meet the demands of its rapidly growing client base.